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2 HANDLES - Handles for Resistance Bands | FFEXS®

2 HANDLES - Handles for Resistance Bands | FFEXS®

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Enhance your grip on resistance bands with our Resistance Band Handle. Designed to make your resistance band workouts, such as calisthenics exercises, more comfortable and effective. This handle makes holding a resistance band easier and provides a firm grip. Simply attach the resistance band to the handle and the other end to, for instance, a pull-up bar or pole.

The handle unlocks a world of new exercises, allowing you to target specific muscle groups. You can effortlessly perform exercises like rows, tricep extensions, bicep curls, and shoulder presses. Additionally, this handle extends the lifespan of your resistance bands.


  • Increases the lifespan of resistance bands.
  • The profile (knurling) on the handle ensures maximum grip.
  • Fits any resistance band.
  • Handle diameter: Ø2.6 cm.
  • Chrome-plated.
  • Made of durable steel.

With our Resistance Band Handle, maximize your resistance training. An essential tool for any fitness enthusiast.


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