Calisthenics Weerstandsbanden: 9 Bodyweight Oefeningen met Banden

Calisthenics Resistance Bands: 9 Bodyweight Exercises with Bands

By Bart van der Velden

This article is about using resistance bands for calisthenics training.
Calisthenics is one of the most talked about topics in the fitness world right now.


What is calisthenics?

In short, any movement where the resistance is provided by the weight of your own body is a calisthenics exercise. Pull-ups and push-ups are classic examples.

Type "calisthenics" into YouTube and you'll see countless videos of people doing crazy moves like planche push-ups, muscle-ups, human flags, and handstand push-ups. Most people see that and think, "I can never do that."


Resistance bands for calisthenics

While there are some moves (like two-finger handstands) that you have to be almost superhuman to do, the good news is that most calisthenics moves are feasible for most people. It's just a matter of time and effort. And there are tools, such as calisthenics resistance bands, that can help you.

Resistance bands for calisthenics can be used in two ways - to make the exercise easier so you can get used to it gradually, or to make a movement even more challenging.


What are the best resistance bands for calisthenics?

8-inch loop bands, also called pull-up bands, are the best type of resistance bands for calisthenics movements because of the way they can be secured around your body and adjusted to different movements. They also come in a wide range of resistance levels, from very light to extremely heavy, so they are ideal for performing resistance band exercises.

In the Video below I show you the 9 most popular exercises with resistance bands for calisthenics:

  • Pull-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Dips
  • Resisted Dips
  • Front Lever
  • Muscle ups
  • One arm pushup
  • Planche


The 9 Most Popular Calisthenics Exercises with Resistance Bands

If you have been interested by this blog, order the bands and start as soon as you have them on the mat. Enough space in and around the house to attach it to or simply without attaching it to anything.

Until the next breakthrough in your calisthenics adventure,

Bart - Calisthenics Fanatic

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